Edgeland is a landscape architecture and planning practice based in Houston, Texas. The firm focuses on designing and planning intentionally and resilient outdoor spaces that inspire learning through inquiry and play. The firm retains a diverse skill set and offers a unique take on the design of sustainable and collaborative outdoor spaces, especially projects that encourage learning through nature-based play.

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape architecture at Edgeland involves creating interactive outdoor spaces at a variety of scales-from ecosystem restoration to intimate learning gardens. In depth comprehension of landscape materials coupled with a passion for understanding how spaces are used, ultimately lead to unique award-winning projects.

  • Urban Design

    Urban design services at Edgeland consider the infrastructure of a built environment and cohesively bond them with natural and livable systems. Edgeland can successfully bring teams of stakeholders, engineers, and architects to the table to create successful and equitable urban spaces.

  • Planning

    For larger projects, Edgeland provides land planning and master planning services. Our environmental sensitivity and past relationships with developers has led to an approach that is both delicate and resource efficient. Past work includes natural system restoration, communities, workplaces, campuses, civic and commercial districts.